Top 10 Best Modern kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

When we talk about countertops we are very confused about the arrangement of our different kitchen equipment and material. Today we will talk about these arrangements, and I assure you that now you will be clear about your countertops. This article is designed by focussing on a mindset of a kitchen master and now you are going to have your kitchen counter decor ideas.

Cluttered countertops and simply arranged countertops make a different impression on the viewer. And this is your choice of what to put on your countertops. You are looking for a well-arranged and suitable work-type kitchen.

And we have to think about space and Kitchen accessories before we look for a designer. Especially when we have a small space and an open kitchen. We will later talk about these two categories separately for kitchen Counter Decor Ideas.

Modern kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

Best Modern kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

This is all about the right arrangement for your kitchen Counter Decor Ideas. And you can look forward better than me to imagine your kitchen look. If you have to put a large number of kitchen equipment on to kitchen countertop you never want to see it cluttered.

 There must be a proper place for everything in the kitchen. I will talk about major things separately and here are some best pictures for you. As you can see arranged equipment is looking nice. Either we talk about the coffee station or a microwave oven.

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What to Expose and What to Not Expose: 5 Simple Ways

Well, if we talk about a good arrangement, we have to decide which type of items can give a good look at countertops. For example, if we want to put all transparent jars on countertops it would be messy. And it may not be safe to put them all on the kitchen countertop.

1) Simple Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

We always look for the “less is more” type of options. And they exist everywhere, the best way is to keep fewer things on countertops and not to put all stuff. You can also use it to keep planters and it is one of the best kitchen Counter Decor Ideas.

Many things in your kitchen staple exist that have a use in the kitchen and are also used as a decor items. Examples of these kitchen Counter Decor Ideas are fresh fruit baskets, oil, soap display block, etc.

For decoration purposes, your coffee station is very beneficial. Most of the families look for coffee in the daytime also and we can’t use a to keep coffee items in a rack or closed Almira. So we have to put them on the countertop; we can use a side-by-side view for the coffee station

I will make a different list to fix your kitchen staples. Other than the coffee station toaster and trays are also a type of stuff that may look better on the countertops. If you have a set of trays and cups you can decor them well like in the picture given below.

2) Greenery For Good Vibes

Yes, we will talk about plants in the kitchen counter decor ideas. And this is not a mere fashion to put plants in the kitchen it also helps to stay positive during food preparation. According to research if we keep plants and candles in our kitchen mood swings of family members can be reduced.

You can settle your plants in the wood caddy or rack on the kitchen countertop. There are many ways, in which you can put your plants although plants don’t need to be decorated they are themselves a decor item.

As you can see, there is no need to decorate the plants. But we need to focus on the vase or bowl in which we are going to put plants. Not every type of vase, dough bowl, or woodblock, suits the kitchen countertop.

You can keep plants in the kitchen in the following different ways:

  1. You can use planters, but most of the time white colour matches every kitchen theme.
  2. Black pot is also a good option and ceramic bulb pots look fabulous.
  3. Marble vases, kettle-type planters, and Buddha planters fit positivity and are also some good examples.
  4. You can grow succulents in the kitchen in woodblock.
  5. Hydrangea, sansevieria, and monstera are some of the plants that you can grow or put on your kitchen countertop.
  6. There are many different shapes of planters that are specially designed for the kitchen you can use them.

3) Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas Modern

If we decide to make our kitchen an excellent place for cooking we look for trending kitchen counter decor ideas. And it is a must to check these Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas also. We have to make a decent look with our excellent ideas. More or less we don’t want clutter or a messy look and also arrangement of things in a simple way.

Believe me, you can do it, you can put planters, vases, transparent jars, and kitchen staples at your countertop and they will give an excellent look. But they must be arranged in a sequence, it is a general suggestion that you have to put all things at their fixed positions.

4) Keep your kitchen staples fixed/a stable kitchen good idea

It is good to fix all of your kitchen equipment in a position. As you fix them it is easy to pick up again and you will never find yourself hopeless and searching for something. Many of you may place your knives and cutlery in boxes and keep them in the top rack or bottom rack. But it’s not a good idea you can place them in the knife block and cutlery stand, at the countertops.

Cutting boards, wood trays, and mortar with a pestle should be kept in a fixed standpoint. All the steel stuff like a grater, skimmer, turning spatula, and tong should be hung or placed in the blocks. Perhaps am looking like a granny because of these suggestions, but they are simple and good-looking kitchen Counter Decor Ideas.

5) Open Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

Sometimes our kitchen is attached to the hall, and all the guests coming to the house sit in the hall or open lobby. In that case, our kitchen displays a unique role and we need to pay more attention to our kitchen counter decor ideas.

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Here I will give you some tips regarding opinion kitchen Counter Decor Ideas:

  • Never clutter in the open kitchen.
  • It is better to put hanging plants in the open kitchen in place of a planter or vase
  • You can use it to put candles and succulent blocks on the kitchen countertop.
  • Kitchen staples and all the basic stuff can be placed on the countertop.
  • Don’t place your jars on the countertop, even a transparent jar does not give a good look at the kitchen counter in open kitchens.
  • You have to clean your sink area daily.
  • Kitchen towels are suggested to place in boxes.

You should keep open kitchens clear and don’t expose a lot of things in the open kitchen. If we talk about designing, attached dining tables are a good option as it requires less space. The open kitchen looks like a different portion of the same hall. And if you have a baby up to five years you have to be more careful, a good option is to keep all your stuff in closed boxes. It will be good for children and suits your kitchen look.

Use a slow fragrance that brings freshness

It is not a specific category for kitchen, if you have a kitchen you must use fragrances. Whether you have an open kitchen or a separate kitchen you have to use fragrance. You can use room sprays, perfumes, soaps, etc.

In many countries, kitchen places retain frustrated fresh flowers. It is not necessary to keep fresh blossoms but you can try them also. Scented candles on the centerpiece island are also a good option for kitchen Counter Decor Ideas.

Kitchen Bar Counter Decor Ideas

What makes your kitchen the best place for cooking? Do you have any kitchen Counter Decor Ideas? There are many answers to this question. But the natural look for everything is the brightest, everyone can do it in simple terms. You can use a combination of different colours for kitchen walls and tiles. It makes a good impression.

You can use a combination of different colours for kitchen walls and tiles. It makes a good impression. You can choose fresh blossoms from your garden and decorate them in your kitchen. And countertops look better if lightning is good in the kitchen.

If we talk about juice bottles and sauce bottles, it is better to keep them inside. At the countertops, you may also use floral printed vases and transparent planters as I have mentioned in the above section.

The bar countertop is specially designed to place kitchen staples but if you use woodblock, caddy, countertop racks, and small tables then this is better to keep them at the top otherwise you can avoid placing them on the top.

Decoration with a fruit basket and blossom

Women like flowers very much and most of the time ladies of our house do the decoration of the kitchen. Our food must have fruits and vegetables but on the countertops, we put fruit baskets or use to put fruit stands.

Flowers are our choice and people who are fond of flowers, usually put flowers in the kitchen also. You can also put flowers and fruit combined in the transparent vase. Green apples and white flowers are good combinations, other than this you can use them to put pears and transparent vases with foliage.

There are many pictures on Pinterest and chrome in which different fruit colours according to the theme are used for kitchen Counter Decor Ideas. You can also put artificial pumpkins in the combination with a wooden tray or ceramic pot. Most of the time, we use to put orange-colored fruit and foliage to go with the theme.

Festive season and kitchen counter decor Mason jars

Do you know some festive season kitchen Counter Decor Ideas? These are occasions when you change your whole house arrangements. Your countertop also waits for these events and a special type of DIY ideas are experimented with within the festival seasons.

You can use mason jars in different styles not only in the festival season but in everyday life also. You can use mason jars by painting them with paint colours And binding ribbons at their neck. If you are using transparent ones then put sparkling material in them.

In the Christmas and festive season, you can put rubber animals and red artificial sparkling flowers. In the eve, everyday life mason jar decoration need only dot print on their painted surface and binding, of ribbon. Isn’t these some attractive kitchen Counter Decor Ideas?


We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 best modern kitchen counter decor ideas. With a little bit of creativity and effort, you can have a stylish and practical kitchen that will be the envy of your friends and family. If you need help finding the perfect countertop or decoration for your kitchen, contact a professional designer today.

FAQ’s: Modern kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

Ques. What should I display on my kitchen counters?

Ans. You can put Kitchen staples, knife block, pedestal bowl, bread box, toaster, wooden Caddy, fresh fruits, cutting trays, flowers, and blossom. You can make different combinations of this stuff and display it at your kitchen counter.

Ques. How can I decorate my kitchen countertop without clutter?

Ans. You can choose one from the following:
• Combination of fruits basket, flower vase, and candles.
• With your dining set, and cup stand.
• With a coffee station, toaster, and glass jars.

Ques. How can I make my kitchen counter look better?

Ans. Of course, you have to avoid cluttering, you can display your kitchen accessories in the best combination. And don’t put so many things on kitchen countertops.

Ques. How to decorate a kitchen counter?

Ans. The simple rule is to decorate less and display more. You can put fresh fruits and vegetables, otherwise, you can only put your kitchen stuff on the countertop. Candles, blossoms, foliage, etc. Are a good option to use.

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