6 Amazing BTS Room Decor Ideas: Aesthepic

Hello everyone, I will explain BTS room decor ideas to you. Everyone who likes pop singing is a BTS fan and it’s swag in youth to be like them. It’s an amazing experience to follow a passion which you like most.

When we are a big fan of any star or singer we try to be like them. And BTS room decor is one of the fan’s following parts. If you like to decorate your room like that then let’s start with BTS room decor ideas.

BTS Room Decor Ideas
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What Is The BTS Army?

It is a common question among the non-adolescent community. And next question is why their children called them BTS army. Maybe you are here to know the BTS army.

BTS is a Korean pop singing band and they had BTS army is a name given to the group of their fans. BTS stand for “bangtan soneyondan” which means bulletproof scouts. This band has debuted in 2013.

Top 10 BTS Room Decor Ideas

You have to design a room which looks cool and also comfortable for you. You don’t need extra design and decoration on the walls. You can collect some photographs of your favourite BTS scout.

For giving any colour you can use lights in your room. Using a different type of cuddle pillow is your choice.

1) BTS Room Design Simple

If you want to design a simple room then avoid an extra pillow on your bed. And use the white colour theme for bed sheets and wall colour.

You can use it to hang some cool photos of BTS that you like. Remember not to use extra stuff in your room but keep your accessories fixed and sustain.

2) BTS Room Decor India

There are no basic differences between BTS room decor ideas and BTS room decor in India. You have to use photos and pillows and you can use them to hang bangtan boys stickers.

There are also birthday party supplies on Amazon. The most amazing that you can flaunt in your room is the BTS logo. There are also BTS humidifiers and birthday portraits available on market.

3) BTS Room Decor Ideas DIY

I don’t know what you think about DIY projects but I think that is something that you can do yourself. And I want to share some ideas as BTS room decor ideas. The most important thing is BTS stickers that you can make yourself.

You have to print them out and then hang them in a series. Point out some cool looks to copy to your wall. If you like paper crafts then you can also make some side compliments on your wall. Then use the blue shade of light to make your room more attractive.

4) BTS Army Girl Room Design

Most of the girls like cuddle pillows and some extra pillows on their beds. You can choose some cool and cosy designs of pillows example is Daisy shape pillow.

BTS room decor ideas are similar to indie room decor ideas. You can copy some simple and cool looks from there. You can also use purple or pink colour LED lights in your room.

5) BTS Room Aesthetic

BTS aesthetic rooms are kind of peaceful rooms that have a theme of BTS room decor ideas. It is better to use some light shades on the walls.

Aesthetic Room version attracts everyone but these are special for adolescents. You can also use your books and diaries in between BTS room decorations.

6) BTS Room Design Purple

Purple is the most common colour used in the BTS room decor ideas. As this colour is liked by both boys and girls. There are many types of lights and LEDs that you can use to give your room a purple colour.

You can use a purple cuddle pillow and a purple and pink teddy. With stickers and retro disks hung on the walls, your room is more like that. Check out some common online platforms to buy purple LEDs and lights.


BTS room decor ideas have all cool look patterns for a room and are particularly designed for the youth that like BTS band. It is a Korean band that debuted in 2013.

The most amazing and cool idea is to hang stickers on your wall and the second is to use a logo and lights to create a peaceful room. I hope you will like this article if you have any questions then you may ask them in the comments section.


Q. What is army room BTS?

A. It is a pattern of room decoration that is used by the BTS army. BTS is a Korean band which is especially known for pop singing. Youths have the courage for this band so they like to decorate their room in BTS patterns.

Q. What is BTS army day?

A. July 9 is the BTS army day as BTS debuted on 9 July 2013.

Q. What is BTS full form?

A. ”Bangtan Boys” is the full form of the BTS which means bulletproof scouts.

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