6 Best Gorgeous Egyptian Decor Ideas For Living Room

Hello everyone, in this article I will explain to you Egyptian decor ideas for living room. There are different forms of the living room. It is a little tough for a person to design an Egyptian living room. you can also check some other formats of decoration like spring kitchen decor ideas.

But you can do it with the help of furniture and another design pattern. Egyptian patterns use deep shades of color especially red, blues, and green. Brow and golden shades are used as contrasting colors.

There is also black or brown sign pattern art. Usually, these signs have different meanings. But we use this art without knowing the means. So let’s start with Egyptian decor ideas for living room.

Egyptian Decor Ideas For Living Room
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How Do I Make My Room Look Egyptian?

How Do I Make My Room Look Egyptian
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You can use carved furniture and different shapes to show Egyptian style. You can hang some art pieces of Egyptian style. You can also drape some of your room area with gold and brown shades. Like this there at many Egyptian decor ideas for living rooms.

One more thing I want to add in this section is the use of big Egyptian-style carpets. If you are not using some other you can do only this one.

Egyptian Decor Ideas For Living Room: 6 Simple Ways

6 Simple Ways
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This is mandatory for a living room to show them that are you using in the house. As we spend more time in a living room. If you are using Egyptian art in the whole house then it is easy. But designing a particular place for that is not easy.

Stone carving, half-carved glass consoles, throne chairs, and big traditional boxes are some of the Egyptian-styled furniture. If you don’t want to use all furniture then you can use it to hang some tools and pillars.

1) Wall Paintings With Ancient Signs


These are some options from Egyptian decor ideas for living room that you can implement easily. You can easily paint them on the wall by making some special signs like those shown in the picture.

This is the best idea if you don’t want to use traditional furniture in your living room. With the wall painting, you can also use the Bastet statue.

2) Egyptian-Style Sign Plate

Egyptian-Style Sign Plate

Sometimes we have a special kind of interest in metallic plates and statues. These plates are not necessarily of metal you can get them in wood or carved stone form. With these plates, you can use them to hang some tools.

Stone statues are a kind of compliment that you can add to any Egyptian decor ideas for living room.

3) Big Size Egyptian Painting

Big Size Egyptian Painting
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These are big-size paintings with deep shades of color. You can add some Egyptian-style cushions and some carved furniture like a carved table.

One of the best things about big paintings is that you don’t need to add some other things to them. It is better to use dull shade on walls as these paintings will look better with dull back the round.

4) Complete Egyptian Theme

Complete Egyptian Theme
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In all of the above themes, we are using some of the furniture or wall art. But in this part, I will tell you about a complete theme for Egyptian decor ideas for living room.

First of all, you have to choose furniture for your living room. You can choose Egyptian columns of Luxor shelves and glass-topped consoles or different statues with furniture.

Then use a carpet with Egyptian paintings if you don’t want clutter then use some small tools or stones. You can easily get them on Amazon or

5) Some Special Furniture Of Egyptian Theme

Some Special Furniture Of Egyptian Theme
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There is some furniture that can give an Egyptian theme to your room without adding some extra effort. Egyptian decor ideas for living room can be made easy in this section by adding these one or two things.

Black marble-topped tables, reeds, carved statues, pyramid shape furniture, and Egyptian art tapestry are some best furnishings. You can add some of these things.

6) Egyptian Living Room Ideas

Egyptian Living Room Ideas
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A combination of light shade curtains with candles and a chandelier. Which gives a traditional Egyptian look to your living room. This look can be a bedroom look but you can rebuild this as a living room.

You have to add a bug sofa and brown or gold draping in your living room. Brown and gold are dominant colors in your need for Egyptian decor ideas for living room.


Egyptian decor ideas for living rooms have some dominant color combinations like brown, black, and gold. A complete Egyptian theme needs these colors but if you want to give a small touch then you can use only furniture and stone tools.

There is also some other furniture like glass-topped consoles and marble tables. I hope you will like this article. If you have any questions then you may ask them in the comments section.


Q. What kind of furniture did ancient Egypt have?

A. You can make your room Egyptian by adding some traditional furniture. You can use pointed chairs, stone tools, and statues, and you can also add some deep shade colored paintings.

Q. What are the main colors used in Egyptian painting?

A. Black and brown are the two main colors used in Egyptian decorating ideas. Other than this there are many shades of deep blue, green, and deep red shades that are used in the Egyptian painting.

Q. What did Egyptians use to decorate?

A. Egyptians used to decorate with big-sized furniture and big printed carpets. There are also some signs and wall art used in the Egyptian decoration ideas. Most of the furniture has pointed ends and is carved.

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