Gorgeous Indie Room Decor Ideas-Indie Aesthetic look

Hello everyone, in this article I will explain to you all about Indie Room Decor Ideas. This is one of the famous trends nowadays. If you think that it’s a tough task then I will prove you wrong. One of the best things about indie you can recycle your old stuff.

You can display goods from your old storehouse in a good manner. You can also use retro technology and brochures. In simple words, indie is using funky things to show your cool nature. Everyone doesn’t like the indie aesthetic and this pattern also shows your personality. So let’s talk more about indie room decor ideas.

Indie Room Decor Ideas

How Can I Make My Room Look Indie?


This is the first question for everyone who searches for indie room decor ideas. You can also use it to give a vintage look that is similar to the indie.

You can use design pieces, retro posters, old film posters, old compact discs, plants, cuddle pillows etc. Usually, I do not suggest cluttering but I suppose cluttering is better for indie room decor ideas.

You can give your best by adding some of your old clothes and tapestry. You can also decorate with the help of DIY ideas.

Indie Room Decor Ideas

If you are preparing your room like a Barbie room then it is better to use vibrant colour shades. It’s like an appreciation of your cool and old nature. It is better to not copy the ideas of others as the indie room reflects your personality.

Indie room decor ideas are not only for girls, it is also for boys. Using of vibrant colours gives inner peace. Using stupid paintings and brochures with wall posters is a good combination. For a green look, you can use multi shades hanging Ivy. Indie is a funky and innocent combination of your favourite things.

Greenery And Lightening

Greenery And Lightening
Credit: Valemoods

This is a simple combination of the two. This reflects the introvert and elegant personality of a person. You can also use any other light to give a dominant colour to your indie room.

There is not any type of hard work in this aesthetic room. You can also prepare hanging ivy by preparing it by yourself.

DIY Indie Room Decor Ideas


People who love to work with DIY projects can do a little better for indie room decor ideas. You can make paper crafts for hanging on walls. You can also show your hanging art.

Colourful paper butterflies and glittering paintings are some of the better opportunities to reflect on yourself. There are many DIY projects that will help you like Best Bathroom Basket Decor Ideas.

Colourful Rainbow Theme

Colourful Rainbow Theme
Credit: The other aesthetic

It is one of my favourite looks and it seems energetic. This is specifically designed for window rooms. You can use colourful glasses at your window. You can also small glass pieces to create a reflection in your room.

Using neutral colours for furniture and bed sheets is better for this theme. One of the most attractive things about this look is the large colourful wall painting. You can also get this painting in the market but it is better to do it yourself.

Tapestry And Green Planters

Tapestry And Green Planters
Credit: displate

Tapestry is one of the favourite room accessories for girls. This look is good for nature lovers extra greenery is good for mental peace. You can also make it with dominant colours.

Hanging planters give it a garden look and it is good to keep butterflies on walls in this combination. This is one of the special combos in indie room decor ideas. This pattern reflects a peaceful and innocent personality.

You can also use it to paste letters and messages on walls. If you like music and play some musical instruments then you can also display them on your walls.

Dominant Colours

Dominant Colours
Credit: empowter

Using different cuddle pillows with more colourful furniture and different hanging lanterns makes the room a fantastic scenery. This room shows a dominant and innocent personality.

Hanging different shape lanterns and extra pillows on the bed make it a little expensive to arrange. You can also use some other substitutes for your wall. Wall paintings can be a cheaper substitute if done by yourself.

Extra Green Combination

Extra Green Combination
Credit: Brainy decor

This is one of the green dominating looks as it was like breathing in fresh nature. An extra green look is given by a green tapestry and green pillows with a green teddy. Sometimes we like more green than it is a gorgeous combination.

You can also use green lights and different types of furnishings to make it all green with little other colours. In indie room decor ideas you can also display your shoes and colourful old jackets.


When we like to display our self then we can use indie room decor ideas. As they are the personality reflector. We can use our old and new combinations. They are easy to create because we can make them by our choice. You can do a little effort by shopping for fresh stuff.

You can also use your talent for DIY projects. I hope you will like this article. If you have any questions then you may ask them in the comments section.


Q. What do you put in an indie room?

A. You can put some of your old clothes, brochures, retro media, vintage posters, colourful glasses, planters etc. You can place all those things that give a funky and innocent look to your bedroom.

Q. How do I make my room look aesthetic without spending money?

A. You can use DIY projects to give your indie look. I will list some ideas for you:
1. you can make paper crafts and glittering butterflies.
2. you can also make wall paintings or can use your old experimental paintings in your room.
3. You can use green planters from your garden to make your room gorgeous.
4. you can use your old clothes to make a tapestry.

Q. What is an indie Aesthetic?

A. It is something that motivates you towards your passion and independence. There is also an Indie kid pattern, this kind of decoration has a particular theme. And the second one is something that reflects you in your bedroom.

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