Top 15 Best Green Couch Living Room Decorating Ideas

Hello everyone, in this article I will explain to you green couch living room decorating ideas. Green is the colour of harmony and peace. There are different shades of green in combination with others. You can reshape your living room with these gorgeous ideas.

The green couch can be a complete green and you can also use different coloured pillows. There are different tasks for a different look. An appropriate choice is an initial step for one to take action. I will talk about it every time look in your living room. So let’s talk about green couch living room decorating ideas.

green couch living room decorating ideas
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How Do You Design a Room With a Green Couch?

First of all, decide whether the green couch is necessary or not. Because sometimes we want only a green living room. For that purpose, you can choose to have some green pillows, green planters and anything that suits you better.

If yes, then go for a green couch and set up an orientation for a green couch. For a proper set up you have to likewise suppose a shade that also blends with your floor and ceilings.

Green Couch Living Room Decorating Ideas

green couch living room decorating ideas
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There are many different types of green shades. You have to blend your all colours to give it a dominant green look. And that is the key to decorating any living room.

Your living room must be peaceful with shining stuff to attract any visitor. We can’t do a mess up with so many dominating green shades. At the same time, we can’t make it lazy with neutral shades. It must be a combination.

Algal Green Couch Makes a Fascinating Living Room

Yeah, it is a dark shade of couch with a colourful dark green carpet. There is no need to speak more about roof colour because it is good in light shades. But the wall colour can be dark or light. For example parrot, green colour also blends with this combination.

algal green couch makes  a fascinating living room
Credit: old brand new

Sites that give Green couch living room decorating ideas have a list of these colour sofas.

Feathery Touch With Green Sofas

Most of the time as we scan any media for green couch living room decorating ideas, we find dark shades. Sometimes it is very tough to hold our living room with only a dark combination.

feathery touch with green sofas
Credit: poster store

For that purpose white pillow and white feather, mat makes a balance between the two. And one most important thing doesn’t stick to an idea be practical with your house.

Wooden Furniture With Light Leafy Greens

This is a kind of neutral shade for a better calming climate. This combination gives your living room a traditional as well as a colourful look. Different pillow shades can blend anywhere in a green couch living room decorating ideas.

wooden  furniture with light leafy greens
Credit: house and home

Don’t make it messy by using different green shades of the pillow. Leafy shade can’t be mixed with every type of colour to make it a hodgepodge.

Olive Green Couch Living Room

It is one of the simple green couch living room decorating ideas. It is a type of combination that matches the neutral and peaceful personality. A small green planter and different green shades of paint complement each other.

olive green couch living room
credit: room design

You can also choose an olive green velvet couch for your living room. If you have already dark paint shades in your living room then this combination is perfect.

Dark Olive Green Couch Decorating Ideas

Dark Olive Green Couch Decorating Ideas
Credit: The Spruce

The dark olive colour is natural for fruits and leaves. When we prepare a list of green couch living room decorating ideas, we have a different category of olive green shades. This colour is not only liked by interior designers but also viewers’ choice.

Floor tile’s colour has always been an indifferent shade it is going to choose to take a look at the wall. If we don’t want to change the wall colour then use a colourful green carpet or mat.

Green Velvet Sofa Living Room ideas

Green velvet sofas are in trend now. They have a fantastic comfortable look and are also a favourite one for children. There are many different green shades in velvet. So let’s talk about some different combinations.

Light Green Velvet

Light Green Velvet
Credit: Pinmig

It looks like an adaxial surface of the leaf. Green planters and green paint with the light green velvet sofas look gorgeous. You can make a combination with cushions set and velvet couch.

Well, the library in your living room is not compulsory but it’s a favourite choice for a reader.

Living Room Blends With The Music Room

Living room blends with the music room
Credit: Keikdynn

It is nothing more than a dark velvet green sofa. A funky cushion set and different guitar and violin sets give it a music room look. Wall with a rustic look is one of the modern green couch living room decorating ideas.

Emerald Green Couch Living Room Decor Ideas

Emerald Green Couch Living Room Decor Ideas
Credit: Castro lighting

You can also try this one for a small living room decoration. A light pink cushion combination looks like they were made for each other. When we talk about green couch living room decorating ideas, we can mix only certain colours. Pink is one good mixture.

You can use it to place pink cushions on green sofas. And also you can use pink flowers in your living room.

Dark Emerald Green Couch With Lining Cushions

Dark Emerald Green Couch With Lining Cushions
Credit: Texsa Ruegge

We use to keep lining pillows and cushions with the white couch but they also hold better with green. Not all shades of green look-alike like lining cushions.

We can use this combo only with dark green shades like emerald and algal colour shades. Leafy paintings and a tall green planter with big leaves on the sofa side give a professional touch.

Lemonade Cushions and Green Couch

Yellow lemon shades with a green couch in a living room are one of my favourite green couch living room decorating ideas. You can also use some other stuff with this combination.

Lemonade Cushions and Green Couch
credit: Neiman Marcus

Don’t overexpose yellow, it can spoil a good combination. You can use only 2 to 3 yellow things in your gree

G3 Combination

G3 Combination

It is a completely green living room, which can make your living room more energetic. I want to concise it in some points:

  1. Use green paints or paintings on the wall.
  2. The Complete green couch is in a dark shade and with a light green carpet.
  3. And a tall green plant.

If you think that it is a hectic green combination then use some of the light shade stuff.

Modern Look With Dark Green Sofas

modern look with dark green sofas

I will talk about the living room and also a simple sitting place. You can place a dark green cinch in your living room and also for a single sitting.

Many of the neutral shades camouflage themselves with green. Looks like an attractive hole and sitting place. A single Green couch can also be used as an office purchase.

Green, Golden as a Gorgeous Combination

Anyhow if you don’t want to use a green and yellow combination then you can also use golden. Golden cushions, flower vases, and table lamps are some of the good stuff to fill in your living room.

credit: GARIK

Golden shades are rare in green couch living room decorating ideas. But they provide a fantastic look and cool feeling.


In this article, I have explained well green couch living room decorating ideas. Different green shades are matching pink, white and lemon colour sets. How can you accessorize them is also a challenge that I have explained above. I hope you will like this article. if you have any queries then you may ask them in the comment section.


Q. What compliments a green couch?

A. Pink cushions, lemon colour shades in a table lamp or flower vase or a golden combination. You can also use white colour carpet and mats with dark green.

Q. Is the green sofa good for the living room?

A. Yes, you can make some fantastic combinations with a green sofa. There are many shades of green and every shade is perfect in itself.

Q. What colours go with the teal green sofa?

A. You can use light golden shades, a complete white stuff will also look good.

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