Top 10 Best Bathroom Basket Decor Ideas

Hello everyone, in this article, I will explain to you bathroom basket decor ideas. we all have different types of bathrooms. And we have to arrange our all accessories in a disciplined way. Basket decoration is a way to avoid clutter. There are different types of bathroom baskets for clothes and bathroom accessories.

You can arrange all things together otherwise, you can separate your makeup box. Some gift hamper-type baskets look nice in your bathroom. You can choose them and also arrange them according to the picture shown and the ideas given in the article. So let’s talk more about bathroom basket decor ideas.


Bathroom Basket Decor Ideas

bathroom basket decor

You can use several things together as bathroom basket decor ideas. We use to place most of the accessories on the bathroom shelves. But the basket is decorative and also used to keep all things arranged.

I think most of us have seen a basket decoration and these baskets attract us so much. That is also a reason for most of us being here.

Wooden Baskets

Wooden Baskets

Wooden baskets are very common and they are also in trend now. We use either wooden baskets or woven baskets. But there are some limitations to using them.

You can keep unwashed clothes and toiletries in wooden baskets. You can also choose to keep some artificial flowers. If your basket gets warping then you can bask it in sunlight. Wooden baskets are one of the best bathroom basket decor ideas.

Wooden baskets can also be used for keeping small planters. But use a strong wooden basket for this purpose.

Woven Basket Decorative Ideas

If you are using a gift hamper-type basket then there is no need to decorate it. It can hold all your bathroom essentials. But if you are having a simple woven basket then you can decorate it with the help of flowers.

Woven Basket Decorative Ideas

You can also keep several baskets together to place in a big rack. Most of the time there is a need to keep them full with no decorations. A woven basket is one of the decorative bathroom basket decor ideas
Plastic and metallic baskets.

Sometimes we are in search of something that is used for a long time to keep things. You can use plastic and metallic baskets for every kind of work.

Plastic is a water repellent and also can not be destroyed easily. This is one of the minimalistic approaches to bathroom basket decor ideas.

Shower Basket

Shower baskets or shower Caddy are specifically designed to hold bathroom essentials. It is better to use small-sized standing plastic baskets as a shower basket.

shower basket decor ideas

One of the most important benefits is you can take anywhere your shower basket. You can also attach your shower basket to the wall. Nowadays stainless steel caddies are also used as shower caddies.

What is the Difference Between Wicker and Rattan?

Rattan is material, you can weave it in a wicker basket. Wicker baskets are used in most of the bathroom basket decor ideas.

You can use a wicker basket for keeping unwashed clothes. Small-sized baskets are also used for bathroom decor ideas for small spaces.

How Do Use a Bathroom Basket?

How Do Use a Bathroom basket

Remember that you have to use a Bathroom basket for the dry accessories holder. If you are using a plastic basket or any other water repellent material for the basket then your basket is safe.

But most of the time we like wicker baskets and they can be used for cloth storing. A wicker basket can also be used for keeping toilet paper and cotton. You can also place your bathroom accessories like shampoo and face cleanser.

What can I put in the Woven Basket in the bathroom?

What can I put in the woven basket in the bathroom

A woven basket is fragile and we can not expect to hold heavy things. We can keep small bathroom accessories. Toilet papers, cotton and shampoo, and conditioner are some of these bathroom accessories. Don’t place any planter in a woven basket as they keep humidity. And also keep your woven bathroom basket away from flowing water. Bathroom basket decor ideas have a number of these lists.

Can You Put Rattan in a Bathroom?

Can you put rattan in a bathroom

You can put a rattan basket in the bathroom but you have to keep it away from water. If it gets water soaked then you have to dry it. But don’t use rattan as a planter it is suggested to you. As it will imbibe or get spoiled from humidity.

What Can I Put in a Woven Basket in the Bathroom?

What can I put in a woven basket in the bathroom

First of all, avoid humidity near woven baskets. You can keep toiletries like shampoo and conditioner.
Do not keep open soaps, you can keep bottles and containers. Toilet paper and cotton can also be good to keep in the basket. You can put dry things.

How Many Types of Baskets are there?

How many types of baskets are there

If we talk only about bathroom basket decor ideas. There are different purposes to place a basket in a bathroom, in a bathroom basket decor ideas. I want to clarify some points about different baskets.

  • You can use a long wicked basket or a big plastic basket to jeep clothes. This is better to have a handle to hold in a cloth basket.
  • You can use a small wicked basket or tray for keeping your bathroom essentials.
  • Shower baskets and caddies are used to place toiletries and they can be attached to walls. You can buy a metallic caddy to keep your bathroom essentials.
  • You can also use wooden baskets in the bathroom to keep planters. But avoid water and humidity in wooden baskets.

These different types of baskets can be decorated with flowers and ribbons. You can also keep planters for decorative purposes.


There are different types of bathroom basket decor ideas for small and big bathrooms. Most of the time use wooden and wicker baskets in the bathroom. We can keep simple toiletries and there is a little bit of need to decorate these baskets. I hope you will like this article. If you have any questions then you may ask them in the comment section.


Q. What should I put in a basket?

A. You can put toiletries and artificial flowers for decorative purposes. you can use the long woven basket for unwashed clothes.

Q. What do you put in baskets in the bathroom?

A. Toiletries and bathroom essentials are something that you always need to keep in the bathroom basket. other things are your choice

Q. What do you put in a wire basket?

A. Wire basket is good to keep bottles and glass jar you can place them in the wire basket.

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